Wednesday 3 January 2018

Tumblr Fun

Little Lady introduced me to Tumblr recently.  I have never quite taken to it as it always seemed so disorganised and random.  LL explained she uses it for inspiration for her studies – Tumblrs for students are called Studyblrs and there seem to be thousands of them, mostly covering study notes, revision preparation, stationary supplies and bullet journaling amongst other things.  She piqued my curiosity and I thought I would take a look, before I knew it I was immersed in a world of bibliophiles, vegans and bullet journal enthusiasts.

Tumblr’s format is so easy to use and play with.  I was impressed by two things: firstly the sheer volume of beautiful images and easy to digest content, I found so much I enjoyed looking at.  You could draw parallels with Instagram, but I found this even easier to use than Instagram with scope for good sized chunks of text if you want to add them (like some amazing book lists I have copied and saved to my Evernote).  The second element I really liked was the number of communities built up around different interests: of course I was drawn most of all to the book-lovers, mineralogists, nature-lovers and foodies.

I have my reservations, the medium is also known for the sheer amount of pornographic image Tumblr’s that exist.  I haven’t had any come through on my feed because I have been following accounts about books, mountains, fruit and rocks mainly. I have noticed some of the vegan accounts are full of selfies of six-packs and bikini’s, so I just avoid following those.  I like some of the messages that I have seen posted up about these:

I ended up creating two Tumblr’s, one to collate all of the things I love: books, henna, nature, gems and minerals, watercolour art, more book and more nature:

The other is to collate healthy food ideas and inspiration, because…good intentions and everything.

I just have to be sensible and not be re-posting stuff when I should be sleeping.  I still remember my Pinterest fixation when I was pregnant with my youngest and could not sleep.  Now I’m just waiting for Little Lady to tell me how “yesterday” I am.

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