Tuesday 30 January 2018

Product Review: Sunnah Box by Muslim Box Co

MuslimBox Co. is a Muslim brand which describes itself as being founded on the Prophetic principles of generosity, sharing and gift giving.  They recently contacted me to ask if I would like to review their Sunnah Box, a hand-packaged set of grooming items drawn from the legacy of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam‎).

I was intrigued by the idea and liked the idea of getting hubby in on the act and getting his opinion for the review.

The Sunnah box came beautifully packaged in old fashioned craft paper and string which I liked.

The box is walnut wood with a smooth finish and a minimalist look.  The hinge at the front is of good quality with an antiqued gold finish.

The website doesn't say which type of miswak (or tooth stick) is in the box, it looks like the same as my husband uses, which is the standard one available everywhere.  I really liked the miswak holder, which is ideal for travel or home storage.  I find miswak dries out once open if left out and people often don’t like to leave it uncovered.  

The smaller comb, or beard comb is a bit like a detangling comb for curly hair.  I loved the feel of it, very smooth and silky and very tactile.  The folding comb is probably hubby’s favourite item.  I have been looking for one for him and this has a pocket clip and folds smoothly.  I thought the comb was too fine to comb a curly beard, but hubby tried it and didn’t have a problem.

The beard oil, black seed oil and perfume come in nicely labelled glass bottles.  They have a plastic seal under the metal lids.  My husband was weary they would leak and would have to be kept upright, but the plastic seal meant that they were fine.

The beard oil is made of sweet almond oil and pure argan oil with cedarwood and lemongrass essential oils for scent.  The smell was quite subtle, hubby wasn’t crazy about it as his usual beard oil is a synthetic one with perfumes, so this one wasn’t as fragrant as he is sued to.

The black seed oil is raw, virgin and cold pressed. I really liked this.  I have had my mother in law bring me black seed oil from seeds that she bought and had pressed in Pakistan, the result was so pungent in taste and small that I didn’t really like it.  This has a milder smell and I may use it to mix with another oil for skin and hair.

The third bottle is described non-alcoholic attar perfume.  I would describe this as almost unisex.  Hubby thought it was pleasant, I really liked it.  I’m not sure how to describe it, perhaps musky, maybe slightly floral.

I thought this was a nice gift for a special occasion, I suspect my dad would appreciate something like this.  It’s also a nice way to introduce someone to some Sunnah practices in a really nice, gentle way.

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