Tuesday 6 June 2017

Ramadan Journal 2017: Day 7 - Throwback

I wrote for last years Ramadan Challenge on the theme of "throwback" about my favourite iftar.  So instead what comes to mind is the years where I had iftar at my mums.  My mum is a wonderful cook and two of her best dishes are these tasty mince samosa's and very soft grilled lamb kebabs:

She used to fill a hot pot with food and then at iftar time make our plates for us, probably to stop us from grabbing more than our share.  As a child my brother once declared he didn't see the point of fasting if mum didn't make her samosas.  One year she decided she had enough and wasn't going to make them, her excuse was that there was no space in the freezer to store them.  We all pitched in towards a new deep freezer and had it installed in her cellar (basement), she happily made them that year.

This year I have been avoiding fried food, but one day last week Shutterbug was despatched to my home with a box of mum’s samosas.  I enjoyed them for once guilt-free and without a second thought to whether anyone else got one or not.

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