Saturday 3 June 2017

Ramadan Journal 2017: Day 6 - Today

I have been thinking about exercise during Ramadan but find myself getting tired and worry about getting thirsty. Once the fast is open, I find myself busy with clearing the kitchen, the babies’ bedtime routine and taraweeh, often with very little time in between.  So when friends suggested a walk at lunchtime, I was up for the idea.

We ended up taking a scenic route and going a lot further than planned.  It was a lovely sunny day and I took pictures as I went to my friend’s bemusement:

I thought this poppy was a lovely colour

I still haven't got round to riding the cable cars.

I saw this flower left on the middle of a bridge.

The view of the city from the bridge 

Sailboats on the docks.

It ended up being a lovely walk, except the last leg back to the office suddenly felt very hard and I felt very tired. I ended up with the pleasant achey feeling in my legs that you get when you know you have had a good workout (I think we walked about 3 miles in total). The only problem is that compounded with standing in the kitchen, housework and probably not eating enough my legs were really aching by the time it came to taraweeh prayers, which is what I was trying to avoid.  I would still love to do the walk every day though.

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  1. Salaam alaykoum Sister, Ramadan Kareem :)
    I have the same worries about thirst when it comes to exercise, although as I always lose weight in Ramadan, I try to take advantage of it and help with some very light and short exercise specially to strengthen my core and flatten my belly (which I really need now). So I am doing plank position for a few seconds and also pulling up one leg at a time like a crocodile maybe (lol). I try to do this few times a day and will see how it helps.but i can definitely feel that satisfying "yay I exercised" tiredness in my muscles afterwards ;)
    Have a lovely day and month, may Allah make it easy for all of us Inshallah.