Saturday 9 January 2016

Growing Up Online: Pinterest Story

Little Lady was using my laptop this week and she wandered onto my Pinterest page where she had a board.  Her immediate reaction was embarrassment at what she hah pinned in the past.  She immediately set about deleting her old pins.  I stopped her to take some screen shots before she got too far.  Her oldest pins are from about two years ago and a world away from what she has been pinning recently.  Another reminder of how much she has changed and grown.

Her oldest pins seem to have a lot of pink:

Then she had this fascination with Faberge eggs, she didn't delete these, she still likes them:

Still lots of pink, but a bit more emo/manga, a little edgier (oh my gosh, she's still about 11, not 16 here):

Then suddenly madam gets all glam:

She remembered having  a cat phase:

Her joke phase, she still got the giggles when she saw the fart joke and says its her favourite, I suppose her goofy sense of humour hasn't changed at least:

Her recent pins reflect her fascination with art and design:

I think I have a 12 (almost 13!!) year old hipster/trendy Generation Y-er on my hands

I am just so blown away by how much she has changed and grown in such a short time.  I am reminded that 13 year olds today are nothing like what 13 year olds used to be like when I was a kid, 13 today seems more like 23.  Of course I am handling this in the same manner I have been since Little Lady was about 9.  Completely freaking out, trying to protect her, trying to hold onto her childhood, worrying away while she rolls her eyes and tells me to chill.  Alhamdulillah I can't believe how quickly she has turned into a young lady.  I am so proud of this girl and so in awe of her alhamdulillah.

She has spent today deleting pins and splitting her board into two new boards for the things she loves and for art and design inspiration.

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