Friday 8 January 2016

Burger Party

During the Christmas break, I had about two weeks off work to coincide with the children.  So before the holidays started I tried to do some planning and work out what we could do on different days including visiting family on alternate days.

We agreed we would visit my sister in law on one of the days for burgers and cartoons.  That then turned into a Burger party for all of of the women and kids in the family.

We arrived at my brothers home to find a stack of take-away boxes but my glamorous sister-in-law cooking burgers and frying onions.

While we chatted and Sister-in-law cooked, the kids entertained themselves by testing just about every toy in the house regardless of the age it was for.

It soon became what clear what the take-away boxes were for - part of the burger party theme.  I really liked the flag details, labels and the fries boxes.  It is just so nice when someone puts time and efort into something nice for you - especially when its something tasty :)

The food was delicious, home-made burgers, chilli rings, fries and home-made coleslaw.  I had to restrain myself from a second hepling which would have gone down easily.

We were also treated to home-made milkshakes - strawberry and chocolate (which I saw Nutella being added to - yum).

After everyone had been well fed, we watched Cinderella with the children and then split into two teams to play Pictionary.  I always think I'm going to be bored playing this and always have so much fun, even if we lost by a point this time.


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  2. MashaaAllah very nice sister ...

  3. What a wonderful idea! May I ask where your sister in law bought those milkshake jars from? They look so smart!

    1. Of course you can, I really liked them too. She got them from Amazon, I'm pretty sure its these ones: