Saturday 15 February 2014

Updating My Wardrobe on a Budget

I don't usually buy a lot of clothes for myself, apart from work shoes and occasionally replacing my black abaya's (they seem to rip at the shoulders and get threadbare at the bottom where I tread on them a lot). After a few years of wearing gifted clothes however, I started to feel really dowdy, so I thought I would update my wardrobe a little with things that are to my taste and not blingy, or baggy, or too bright.

When I buy clothes I have to make sure they are comfortable because I am always on the move, semi-smart because we often have people coming and going though the house and I want to look nice for my family and also modest.  They have to also be accommodating for when I make wudhu (ablutions) and do my prayers - so sleeves that are easy to pull up and trousers that are long enough to cover to my ankles when I pray.

My idea of updating my wardrobe is by no means going on a spree, I am on a strict budget.  So I was quite pleased by what I found in the end of sale racks last week.

This dress was from M&S's Autograph range which I really like.  It was reduced from £45 to £18 and has ruching across the stomach to hide some of the baby weight I have yet to shift.  I really like the print of this.

I found these trousers in the same shop reduced from £35 I think to £6.  They are a super comfortable warm fabric with a herringbone print.  I normally never wear prints with prints, but these trousers went really nicely with the dress above.

These very wide-legged trousers were also from M&S and were reduced from £35 to £7.  They are nice and light for summer with a satin waistband and go with the upcoming trend for shorter tunics and very wide palazzo-style pants that is coming though in Asian clothes.

It has been ages since I bought a new coat.  I have been wearing hand-me-downs from my sisters (which I very much appreciated and didn't mind at all), but they are all slimmer than me, so this is the first coat I have had in about two years which lets me close the buttons - which feels a bit strange (I can stop telling my husband when he asks why I don't shut my buttons, not to worry because it's not that cold).  It's also from M&S and was reduced from £100 to £48 and is a cashmere mix.  It's a little boring, but it is nice and warm and it's kind of  a classic shape.

This week I found this lovely dress which was reduced from £30 to £18 (the website says £20, but I found it cheaper in a local department store).  It's warm and comfortable and I like the houndstooth check print on the sides.

In the same shop I found this David Jones clutch reduced to £10.  It's quite big (almost the size of my weekend cross-body handbag and I like the colour.  I've never heard of the brand before but there is a black version here for £30.

In all I'm quite pleased with my buys and I have been enjoying wearing my new clothes.  The other little find that I have made that I would share is the hair serums from Hask that I found for £2.50 at Primark.  The Argan oil smells pleasantly of oranges and really helps to make my hair manageable. 

This is the Keratin Protein version and doesn't have the scent and is very, very light when you pour it out.  If you have slightly dry hair like me, I would definitely recommend these.  There are Macadamia and Monio oil versions too, but I haven't been able to find these.

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  1. Nice haul!! I feel your new clothes have a very distinct 'Britishness' to them :). I've heard a lot about Argan oil, and planning to try it soon!