Tuesday 25 February 2014

Picture of the Day 21.02.14 - Creature Comforts

Last week the kids were on half term and there was little for us to do a part from art and crafts at home, a trip to the library  - oh and the full day I made them help me with the housework when they complained they were bored.  Little Lady complained that all of the other parents were taking their children on holiday except us.  I told her she was being ridiculous, who in their right mind would take their children out anywhere in this blustery rain?

Anyway, it meant I spent most of the week off work listening to endless fighting, wrestling, complaining ("she/he said she's/he's going to fart on my beeed" seemed to be a common complaint all week) and occasionally crying when the fighting got too rowdy.

It was nice then towards the end of the week, to catch a moment of peace and quiet.  It seemed that the answer to all of their problems had been their nan's sofa, a blanket and Tom and Jerry.

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