Monday 30 December 2013

My Bestie and Me

Sometimes it's nice to have an easy-breezy, non-productive day where you can just go with the flow and enjoy the day.  Yesterday was that kind of day, with my best friend coming to spend the day.  She brought along her two beautiful little boys and some treats for me:

We spent the time, chatting, catching up and having lunch together.  I would have taken pics of the lovely meal we had (chicken shawarma and lamb burgers), but we were too busy trying to eat and keep my two boys and her two boys on their seats and behaving.  Both my ten year old and my one year old girl sat and ate quietly, whilst all four boys complained, spilled things and had to be ordered back to the seat.  

We dropped my two boys off at my mums and went shopping together.  Just the kind of shopping I like - we wandered around a bit, kids kept seeing things they liked that were expensive and we somehow managed not to but them anything (unless loo roll and baby wipes count - well they are used by them).

The thing I really love about my bestie is that she is someone I can be completely myself with and completely honest with.  It's rare to be around someone where you don't have to be on your guard at least a little because they might take something you say the wrong way or you wonder if they'll look down on you or judge you when they see the real you.

My bestie is a very big hearted person and always makes me feel good and gives me good advice.  I love her for the sake of Allah and pray that her life and family are blessed with Allah's mercy and favour insh'Allah, ameen.

Plus the girl knew to get me chocolate when there was absolutely none in the house and good chocolate at that.

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  1. I haven't had that kind of friendship after leaving college and really miss it!! You are blessed to have a friend with whom you can just be yourself, and who makes life seem better. And she brought chocolates?? 'Nuff said!!!