Monday 16 December 2013

Bracelet Stacks - Slates and Cool Blues

For weeks I have wanted to get my beads out, but every time I get a minute Darling is wide awake and ready to help me out.  Yesterday, the urge to play got too much and I got my box of beads out and handed Darling a reel of elastic to play with.

I manage to string some bracelets together and re-thread some I had made earlier onto stronger elastic.

I have a whole bunch of these bracelets in different colours which I stack together in sets of two to six depending on my outfit.

I made the blue and grey ones below to add to the blue one with the silver charm which I bought.  Of course I had to wear them to work the next day.  I wore them with this grey scarf which I picked up at the Mercy Mission Sisters Conference last year and which has become one of my favourites.  I wore a blue pin with the scarf to pick out the colour of the bracelets.  The abaya is a new one as I ripped my other two.  They seem to be getting longer and longer and catch under my feet and rip at the shoulders (luckily the seamstress repaired the other one too I gave her for the size).

I love the coolness and texture of these and I just love this colour combination.

Insh'Allah I want to make some sets for our online shop.  I am thinking of making stacks of about five or six with charms and feature beads in most of the bracelets.  I would love to hear peoples views.  What colour combinations would you like to see?

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