Monday 14 October 2013

Spring Colours Eid Banner

This Eid I wanted to throw an Eid Party and was trying to think of a colour scheme.  I originally thought of a antique-y pastel theme with soft aqua, peach and grey shades - pretty and chic. Realistically my parties are always full of a large number of friends, many with crazy kids and the decor and food is demolished pretty quickly.  The shops are also selling nothing but Halloween and Christmas themes party goods.  In the end I went with a spring garden theme as this feels easier to replicate (I did wonder if I should have gone with an autumn k textured theme, but it was harder to find the right colours for things).

I used letters in the Arial Black font (approx size 250) in lower case and printed out the letters and then cut them out carefully.  I used plain, thick cardstock from DCWV spring theme for the banner penants.

I layered the letters onto patterned card and paper stock  and then the letters on top.  Then I glued them down onto the ribbon.  The ribbon I have used here I saved from a bunch of flowers because I liked the colour.  There were two pieces so I used an embellishment to cover where one ends and another begins.  

Then the fun bit - embellishing the pennants with flowers and leaves:

The ribbon was still not that long, so I trimmed the banner with ribbons in a handful of different colours to hang at both ends.

Cue handy assistants (who moaned that there arms were aching from holding the banners up).  We ended up with two - one that said Eid Mubarak and one that said Happy Eid.

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