Wednesday 2 October 2013

My Sister Fashionista's Registry

My sister Fashionista recently found herself married for one year and decided to mark the fact with her wedding registry  (As her husband put it during lunch “thank you for coming out to our wedding…for the sixth time”).

We were all invited to the registry hall and for lunch afterwards and it was a lovely day.  Fashionista looked very pretty and her outfit was very elegant.

Her bag was from her wedding day

This broach belonged to her mother-in-laws nan who passed away earlier this year (may Allah (SWT) grant her Jannatul- Firdaus).  She said it was pretty, so her mum-in-law insisted she wear it.  A sweet touch.

Luton registry hall was neat and efficient. and the deed was soon done (again)

After the registry and lots of picture taking, we went to Mirpur Grill for food.  It was good.

Cake to celebrate and end the day on a sweet note.

It was a really lovely day and it was nice to spend time with both families who had lots to talk and laugh about.

Pictures courtesy of Fashionista, Shutterbug Sister and Kooky Little Sisters blogs.

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