Tuesday 17 September 2013

Visit To Scotland (Summer 2013): Edinburgh Fringe

During our visit to Scotland, we got some recommendations for places to visit.  Edinburgh was not one of them, but after my last visit, I really wanted to visit again.  So after a busy day, hubby drove us to Edinburgh in the late afternoon.

We happened to visit during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which is the world's largest arts festival. I always associated this with acts that were foul mouthed and a bit risque and the thing struck me as being cool, but not very family friendly. However, I found that there were lots of fun acts all long the main streets.  We spent quite some time wandering the streets watching all the fun.

Little Man found this coin someone had glued down.

Gorgeous noticed that Darling was not in her pram (her dad loves carrying her around) and decided to take advantage (look at the boys knees!).

We thought it would be good to walk up to Edinburgh castle which is very close by, but couldn't get close because that day also happened to be the day of the annual Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo which added to the rush and the celebratory feel of the city.

We prayed in Edinburgh Central Mosque which was very close by and ate sitting outside near the masjid's kitchen restaurant.  I would have left to have gone to Holyrood too, which has  a park and Arthur's Seat which is the peak of some hills in the park and which we drove around last time.  Next time insh'Allah.

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