Wednesday 4 September 2013

Getting Over Burnout

Sometimes it all piles up – children, school, housework, in-laws, work, blogging, your social life.  There are times when you can handle it and you keep going until it feels manageable again.  Then there are the times when you lose the motivation and will to try and get to grips with it.  During the last few days I have been very much in the latter frame of mind.

The last few days I have been quietly fretting under the surface and trying to think about what I have to do to get my mojo back.  Smile, make myself do all of the tasks I dislike the most, somehow just keep going.  But as I keep reminding myself through my writings on this blog – sometimes you have to let go of doing and just be. 

I have to stop forcing myself to do more.  I have to stop resenting the time I have to sleep and appreciate the benefits of rest and sleep more.  Most of all I have to stop holding myself to an unrealistic standard of how my home, children and body are supposed to be.

So for the next few days I am going to slow down.  I am going to stop resisting how I feel.  I am going to let myself feel jaded, tired and demotivated.  I won’t wallow, but I am going to accept how I have been feeling for so many days, listen to my body and give it a little of what it wants.

I am going to trust that once I have accepted these feelings and treated my soul and body with some respect, they will lift and I will be ready to start taking care of the things that’s are important once more.

So over the next few days I am going to take better care of my diet and get some rest.  I am going to spend some time with my best friend and some time with my little ones doing something easy and fun.   I am going to try and wrangle some quiet time with hubby to just sit and talk and be in each other's company.  I want to be calm enough for a few days that my prayers are slower and more thoughtful.  Most importantly I am going to try and spend as much time as possible doing nothing and without feeling guilty about it.

I invite my hardworking, tired and overstretched sisters to do something fun or relaxing for themselves today – what do you do to unwind and how do you deal with feelings of burnout?


  1. I do wish you a quick "good mood" recovery. I believe that you are making the right plan as it seems complete and not neglecting neither the health, psychological or professional aspect. I'll be looking forward reading an article about the outcome of this process you will follow. By the way i'll allow my self to share with you a website I created which might be constructive for you and for the readers of this blog . Take good care

  2. Asa Ummi,

    I rarely have time to read blogs these days, nevertheless write one! But somehow whenever I do log on (which in this case is in the last anticipating moment before the children awaken and the madness starts...) I come across your blog and it is ALWAYS right on time MashaAllah. So the funny thing is that in this same quiet space yesterday I wrote a piece about living in the moment and that is exactly what you are talking about. It's about quieting the mind and hearing every word of the salat, every word of your excited children when they need your attention, tasting every bite of some delicious dish that you know you deserve.... Sometimes I just pick up a leaf and enjoy the intricate wonderment of Allah's creation!

    Some may call this spacey, but I call it being present ;)Thank you for sharing your story. Enjoy every moment! Salaam Sis :)

    Here's the blog entry...