Monday 14 May 2012

Garden of Delights...Hopefully

I set everything else aside to start work on the garden today after work. It is already May and we haven’t started planting yet. I really wanted to involve the kids and give them their own areas to look after. Our garden is little so we pored over gardening books and tried to find ideas for small gardens – plants that grow upwards rather than spread, using pots creatively, being selective and making choices about what you want to grow.

The garden was a bit of a mess, I took this picture back in February before I started feeling too sick to do anything about the mess.

We spent today clearing out rubbish and weeding. We managed to fill four trash bags together. There is already lots of good stuff to work with alhamdulillah. The garlic mum-in-law planted before she went back to Pakistan late last year has grown. Little Man managed to pull some of the leaves out in his eagerness and the smell was amazing, very strong.

Little Man is in charge of taking care of our baby apple tree which we planted last year and has blossomed this year.

We cleared this little plant of weeds and I will ask hubby to pull out the grape vine (grapes were super sour, had lots of seeds and the plant spread like crazy) and the rose bush (too big for the bed and not many flowers). This bed is for Gorgeous to look after. It gets the most sun, so I might reserve for my vegetables.

Little lady will help me with organising the pots and the remaining blank bit of bed we cleared. Most likely to grow coriander and spinach in the beds, flowers in the pots and beans or some trailing flower/veg in the planters with trellis' at the back that hubby bought home during winter.

The garden looks cleaner, so next steps will be ask the better half to please take all of the spare furniture and "stuff" to the dump, to start picking seeds and plants and to try and stop the children from drowning every plant in sight. In the meantime, the boys were handy for piking the million slugs and snails that have converged in our garden.


  1. Anonymous14 May, 2012

    You have done a good job tidying the garden, though its on the small side you could still do so much with it.

    I would start with new fence panels, then you could paint them a light oak to open the garden up and hang baskets for trailing strawberries. you could do blueberries and raspberries your children they would love them.

  2. MashaAllah. A small garden is better than no garden space. Nice job cleaning up.
    Love the areas assigned for the kids, I'm sure they love being grown up enough to look after a garden.:))

  3. Assalam-alaikam,
    Anonymous - I am desperate to kid the fence fixed so I can train things up it. Ours and the neighbours kids currently use it as a thoroughfare between the two gardens, so every time we fix it, between them they break it down in bits again.

    Sis Serenity,
    Good to hear from you!
    Defo a small garden is better than no garden, can still do so much with it insh'Allah.

  4. Bless you even feeling as you have been you managed to have a good clean up, I think you need to buy the stronger fence panels the ones that are straight up, i dont know what they are called but the wood is very thick, we have them and there is no way you kids could damage them.