Saturday 7 April 2012

London Pride Festival - Local Art

I really enjoyed the London Pride Festival that was organised to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee visit to our borough, but despite the amazing artwork on display from British artists, the part that I really loved was the work on display (and for sale) by local artists.

My favourite was the work of artist Yvette Rawson, who had designed some beautiful framed images and jewellery.

What really caught my imagination though, was some experimental work she was doing with wire. The wire pieces in the tin below is called "The Farmer is Looking for a Wife"

Really liked this one too. There were loads more, but I didn't manage to get many good pictures. These really inspired me and wanted to make me have a go at playing with wire and beads.

This mixture of objects, framed items, photography and framed needlework were by Julian Walker. I liked the etched glass, something else I would love to try.

These amazing ceramic pieces were by Sarah Partridge and an absolute delight, apart from telling the kids a hundred times not to touch (you do just want to feel them though).

There was colourful glass and pottery on display by Amanda Seljubac.

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