Friday 13 April 2012

Food: A Complicated Relationship

Just wanted to say jazakh’Allah-khairun to all of the kind sisters who have left comments wishing me well with my announcement. Your dua’s are very precious to me as are your kind words (one sister asked why I had not just carried out a pregnancy test instead of waiting – I did, but the last time I had three positive pregnancy tests and it still turned out to be a molar pregnancy without a baby in sight, so didn’t take that as the definitive answer). Oh – and especially thank you to the sister who suggested ice pops for nausea – they work!! I’m trying to control my intake as it has turned cold here again.

I went for a scan yesterday. This usually leaves me in tears, but this time I was in stitches. The first thing I noticed was the baby’s nose – It’s certainly going to have a strong nose! It also has Little Man’s full lips. I can’t believe how much you can see. I left feeling positive and happy alhamdulillah.

I have had a very rough few days with not being able to keep anything down and terrified of vomiting as it feels like my throat is being ripped out. But yesterday was better and today seems like a good day too (especially as I am off work – that really seems to help).

I have a funny relationship with food at the moment. I can’t stand cooking and I have turned mostly vegetarian. I can’t taste chips or food made with potatoes, I have gone completely off sweet food (even chocolate!), which is pretty amazing to me, and can’t eat spicy food. So that leaves me with lots of fruit and veg, 7up (which I always disliked) and light, soft foods like sandwiches.

I have also been craving Thai Green curry like crazy (My friend P kindly ordered this in to work for me one day, thereby making my week).

My last shop at the supermarket looked ever so healthy, all I wanted as fruit and veg, although this pic doesn’t show the boxes of ice lollies I loaded on top.

I couldn’t get my hands on more of the Thai curry so tried my own (with shop-bought sauce), no-where in the same league as the one I like, ended up eating the veg though.

The other thing I am loving right now is tart mango and strawberries. Shutterbug Sister is kindly picking me up some most days from the supermarket on her way home from work. Rather an expensive craving though at this time of year. (It's crazy the amount of free magazines and junk/stuff you get when you are pregnant).

I feel a little guilty being so indulgent with food, not many people in this world have the means to want something andthen just get it. On the other hand, when I start getting really sicck, I feel so desperate, that I will do anything to feel normal for a while.

As one sister commented on the post here: "Insha'Allah enjoy every second as there are many fellow sisters who are unable to experience the joys of motherhood, alhamdulillah." I know many sisters who have been in this position or are in this position and many older sisters who se lives have played out in the shadow of this situation, often painfully. So yes, her words hld a lot of meaning for me and a reminder to be very grateful.


  1. I am pleased that your scan went well and iI must say your food looks yummy, at least your craving the healthier foods rather than junk food which is a good think.

  2. Alhamdulillah. I'm so happy the popsicles work. They did wonders for me too. I should introduce myself. My name is Azra - I am a mom of three girls in Canada. I really enjoy perusing through your blog while I nurse my 1-year old :). Our du'as are with you.

  3. salaam sister-in-Islam,

    can I ask? do you have any connection with Creative Muslimah (aka Khadijah) :)? just wondering :)


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  5. Salam sis, the link below may be quite useful for you insha-Allah.

  6. Asa

    Plz do remember me in ur duas as i also am childless after nearly 8 years of marriage.Never really felt it till this year. May ALLAH grant us all pious offspring.Ameen

    Ur sister from South Africa


    1. Ameen to your dua's dear sister xxx
      May Allah (SWT) bless you with every happiness.