Saturday 10 March 2012

Long Necklace: Opalesence and Glitter

A work colleague had asked me to do some repairs for her and once I had my beads out of the box, the creative spirit, or maybe just greed for some new jewellery, awakened.

This long necklace was inspired by my leopard print scarf

The necklace alternates between sandtone chips, moonstone chips and black glass crystals. I love how the gold sandstone chips glitter in the dark and the opalescence of the moonstone chips.

I originally planned to wear this with a black abaya and leopard print scarf, but it doesn't seem to quite go with these. Any ideas for how to wear this?


  1. MashaAllah! Beautiful.
    . I think this would go well with a light colored scarf. The colors will stand out then.

  2. Asalaamu alaikum

    For some reason I am picturing a beige or light olive military style jilbab to go with these.

  3. Either all black with a splash of red,or maybe some khaki/forest green??

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Masha Allaah! I, too, started making jewelry again. Inspired me to come here and check out yours :)