Wednesday 28 March 2012

Incorrigible Child

Every now and then this beautiful, sunshiney, youngest child of mine does something absolutely ridiculous to remind me he is a boy. Yesterday I got a shout for help from my mother-in-laws bedroom, I rushed over, phone in hand knowing he was stuck somewhere again, to find him hanging out of his grandmothers wardrobe. She is currently in Pakistan, although due back soon insh'Allah, and I have packed her things inside her cupboard to keep them safe from sticky little fingers.

I and the other two kids were in hysterics. I am probably a terrible mother for doing it, but I had to take a picture before I let him down.


  1. That's so cute!
    I don't know if it's just boys, because my elder daughter loves to get inside cupboards and drawers. Anytime I empty a shelf she will somehow wedge inside the space. :D

  2. Shutterbug Sis29 March, 2012

    that's hilarious! you'd think he might learn his leasson but knowing him you know he just won't!