Tuesday 31 January 2012

Secret Date

What do you do if you have two hours to yourself after work whilst the kids are at madrassah? Cook, clean, blog, go running...

Hubby offered to take me for dinner and I immediately dropped all of my plans. We battled rush hour to go to one of or favourite old haunts (A1 kebabish) that we hadn't been to in ages.

If the kids ever find out, we'll never get them to go madrassah. I think we should do this more often.


  1. Salam sis. I begin sending my 8 yr old HH to quran classes from last month and since then hubby and I been rewarded with just 'us' time, every 5nites in a week. Tonite too hubby has asked me to have dinner outside, yeayyy.. :)

  2. This post made me smile...stolen moments :)