Sunday 22 January 2012

Fashionista's Engagement Pictures

I posted recently about some good news to come. I was talking about Fashionista Sisters engagement, which took place two weekends ago and turned out to be a lovely evening. All of us sisters pulled together to organise the decor, venue and food. The engagement took place at home followed by the two families sharing a meal at Lahori Grill in East Ham (the place looks like a grotty takeaway from the front, but has a rather nice function hall at the back with its own entrance).

We had everyone up a ladder at some point or other to transform the plain living room wall...

...into a pretty grey and pink wall to match Fashionista's outfit.

The rest of the decorations pulled together with the same colours (courtesy of Kooky Little Sisters silver spray paint and my January sale bargains).

There were sweets to feed the sweethearts.

Kooky in action again...

Fashionista's outfit lived up to her nickname. She was sold on this one almost as soon as we saw it.

Fashionista has the best hair out of all of us I think, so it didn't take much to make it look pretty:

Her fiance's family were absolutely lovely and we had a very nice evening. They put lots of effort into buying and decorating her baskets full of gifts. We were too busy running around to take proper photo's, but I think she was rather happy with all of the nice things they brought her.

Pics courtsey of Shutterbug Sister and Kooky Little Sister, there are more pics of the event at Kooky's blog here. I was rather proud of my sisters, we manged to cover decor, gifts, photography and event management in-house, we make a productive team when we stop annoying the hell out of each other I think.


  1. Lovely outfit and that hair....Wow!!!!

  2. Congratulations to your sis...I hope she and her fiance will be very happy together inshaAllah. Loved the decor and eats...and of course her lovely outfit ♥

  3. Your sis looks positively gorgeous :-) Wishing her a lifetime of happiness as she sets on a new phase of life. And for the rest of the sisters-kudos at the marvellous decoration and organisation etc! :-)

  4. oh my gosh! im 100% impressed!!! everything from the decor, snacks and fashionista look gorgeous!!! that dress is something to dream about! not to mention the lovely figure to wear it lol