Thursday 5 May 2011

Kooks Outdoing me at the Blogging Game

Kooky Little Sister has always been one of my partners in crime when it comes to books (with Long Suffering Sister akey supplier for my habit and Fashionista a no-nonsense critic - we all liked Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Fashionista's verdict was - "I can't believe I just wasted so many hours of my life").

Anyway, Kook's has seriously been distracting me with her new blog:

Her pictures of my jewel box (thats my story anyway).

Her pictures of Cornwall which totally put mine to shame:

images source

She has been showcasing her artwork:

image source

Her strange sense of humour also comes through:

image source

Her book reviews are ceratainly more literate than mine, as are her thoughts on current affairs like Nigella Lawson's burkini.  The thing that has most captivated my attention is her Weekly Links Roundup (girl you need to stop surfing the net and do some work!!).  The must read one is the link to this Twilight Spoof which has had me laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face - I watched the film afterwards and could not keep a straight face.

The gem photo was taken by Long-suffering Sister who is a keen photogropher.  She has been adding photo's to her Flickr here, but this photo was my favourite as we all tried to get good shots of the seals at Newquay Seal Sanctuary, but she seems to have got the best one:

image source


  1. Anonymous05 May, 2011

    Strange sense of humour??!! Haha :)

    And you'd be amazed what things you find on the net, I've got more gems to come yet. But muchos gracias for the accolades :)

  2. A'salaamu alaikum sis. Just wanted you to know I read a couple of books you recommended; "The Rice Mother" and "In Different Rooms, Different Views".

    Thanks for giving me some ideas on good reads. I enjoyed both of those books; I felt DRDV was a little disjointed in how it approached the book but I enjoyed the read regardless.

    Ma salaama....

  3. Can i also point out that the gems are from my camera that Harlequine teaset has nabbed!

    Thanks for the mention of my Flickr although ,maybe i shoud edit a couple i.e. take out the corner of the red leaflet in the seal pic!

  4. Walaikam-assalam Sis Umm Aaminah,
    I love the Rice Mother, DRDV less so, bit depressing. Another wonderful read I have come across recently is The Lieutenant by Kate Grenville. Review to follow insh'Allah.

    Sorry LSS, I should have said the gem pic's were yours. Defo keep taking pictures and posting on flickr. To be honest, I did not even notice the leaflet until you mentioned it, the eye's in the seal pic just draw you in.