Friday 17 December 2010

Snowy Jummah Day

Jummah Mubarak all,

had a busy but pleasant Jummah day:

Working from home and avoiding the freezing cold commute and getting more time dozing in bed into the bargain.

Getting to spend a pleasant morning in hubby's company whilst the kids were at school - that happens...almost never.

Watching snowflakes unexpectedly fall past my window (that comes from having no TV and never checking the weather).

Going for a walk with this little one in the snow during my lunchtime whilst he picked up snow and flung it in every direction. This is our regular routine on my working from home days - I pick him up from nursery and we go for a walk and come home with our grocery shopping. Today it was bags of fruit and veg.

Getting a call from the kid's school saying that it was closing early in case of "dangerous conditions" - they didn't close last time when it snowed much more, so I am suspicious of this excuse.

Trying to find the kids something interesting to do whilst I worked. LittleLady played around with trying to sew something out of some pretty peices of fabric I had ad Little Man made a diorama of the zoo.

Getting a cooking lesson from the lady who is living in our spare room at the moment and helps us with the school run. She is the most amazing and inspiring lady and I hope to learn loads from her including how to cook food that will leave you licking your plate insh'Allah.

Today we made cauliflour, carrot, pea and potato curry, but it was different to any vegetable curry I have cooked before and truly delicious.

This is the third dish she has shown me after boneless chicken curry and lamb and spinach curry. My hubby is over the moon at my newly acquired ability to cook. I wanted to post some of the recipes with pictures, but this lady is in a difficult place financially and I want her to benefit from her expertise - any ideas would be welcome?

The newest edition of the fascinating InCulture Parent is now out and they have published my column "Muslim Children and Christmas" - please do check it out and leave a comment.

Hope your Jummah day went well too insh'Allah.


  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I think you should help her write a cookbook! Ethnic cookbooks are all the rage! You could sell them on Etsy ;) and at the mosque.

  2. Assalam-alaikam,

    Dear Sis C,
    I think that is a fab idea, I am trying to write recipes down and take pictures so that they are in some kind of order. Lets see where it goes from there.

    Dear Blue Pearl,
    it was fun and kept them occuppied for a few hours so that I could get some work done.