Sunday 12 December 2010

Mini Bazaar

One of my friends, who is a colleague at work, is very entrepreneurial and always buzzing with great ideas. Last week she suggested to a few different people that we bring in things that we make one lunchtime and try to sell them. As we hadn't gained permission, we had to do this quietly and so only a few poeple at a time could come along.

I took a few things in and set up my corner of the table:

Despite the fact that we had to be very discreet, I managed to sell quite a few things and make some money. It was anice little confidence booster and experiment in what sells and what attracts attention. Hopefully we can do this again in the future with permission and get a lot more customers. It also inspired me to think about selling at a few events/bazaars in the future.


  1. Salaam sis. Insha'Allah you will do well in your venture. :-) You are so creative masha'Allah.

  2. What a Fabulous idea.
    You are very talented and I can see why your products are so popular.
    Best of luck in your venture.

  3. Assalam-alaikam,