Sunday 3 January 2010

Sweet Medicine and Some Thinking.

We are all recovering from colds at the moment, multiple-month long colds. How I crave for the warmer weather!! I asked the kids to bring me a spoon for their medicine. I finished my prayer and turned around to find all three standing there with spoons at the ready. I think there is waaayy too much sugar in the baby Calpol (I remember being caught between knees and having my cheeks squeezed to get my mouth open for medicine).

I finally managed to get in touch with a sister who I e-mail sometimes. She says she saw me walking along with my kids (she recognised them from this blog). We were making a spectacle of ourselves as usual. Myself and the boys walking one way down the road and Little Lady running the other way and getting to the end before realising her mistake and running back to our amusement. Hope to meet up with her and also another sister soon insh'Allah (seems like such a small world sometimes).

Have managed to get to the end of the winter holidays without having done very much at all except read, eat rubbish, sleep too much and trail around with the kids behind me like mother duck, which was kind of nice. Things will be back to normal tomorrow with work and school and I have lots of thinking to do about how I want to manage things and which things I really want to invest my energy in.

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  1. How cute your kids are! inshaallah you are all on the road to wellness! We to having been passing colds around, its been almost a month of someone being sick. Alhamdulillah.

    Salams dear sis!