Sunday 10 January 2010

Extremely Stupid Conversation #1

I found myself at the hospital this week trying to get treatment for my mum’s fractured wrist. As they discharged her, I could see how much pain she was in and asked for some painkillers:

Me: Are you going to give her anything for the pain?
Nurse: No, she can just take what she has at home. Like paracetamol.
Me: But she’s in a lot of pain, paracetamol won’t help.
Nurse: Well we don’t have anything stronger than what you have at home [well you wouldn’t in a hospital would you?]
Me: Can’t you give her co-codamol or comething?
At this point the nurse had an extremely shocked look on her face – i.e. brown-faced women with scarf not only speaks English but knows what co-codamol is. (she can’t know about my out-of-body experience with pethedine whilst delivering Little Lady, my low pain threshold and my affection for pain-killers ).
Nurse:…er…no, well Panadol is just as strong, we don’t have anything stronger.
Me: ooo-kkaay then…

Good job I found some co-codamol at home then from when hubby crashed his car and got whiplash.

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