Friday 11 January 2008

Me Old China

(As in China Plate, cockney for My Old Mate – sorry, this whole post is nonsense)

I went for dinner last night with two of my best friends from university, who I hadn’t seen for too long. These are two sisters who I love very much and who I have good memories of. One of them, the Femster, began wearing hijab at the same time as me and she helped make my journey towards falling in love with Islam so much sweeter and easier, I believe that Allah will always give her an equal reward to me for the time I wear hijab. The other, Sheebs (“who is requesting a shout out to Sister Sheebs”, so here you are babushka) is great fun and completed our trio with her mixture of sweetness and menace. She has also kept me company at a number of pointless social events which we both seem to have gotten invited to over the years (see you’re good for something).

For some reason though, in the time leading up to our dinner I fell into a spell of the grumps. I went to dinner with the intention of being fun and having fun, but for some reason felt like a pompous old bat at the end of it.

I thought about it lots last night and this morning because something was bugging me. I think I realised last night how different all of our lives are panning out, I think that’s the biggest challenge for friends when they don’t have everything in common anymore. That’s how friends usually meet and become friends isn’t it, when they have something in common?

I realised that I should come off of my high horse and be myself with you guys and accept you guys as you are because that’s more than good enough. Also, I have always tried to please others, my friends, family, colleagues, so a few years ago I decided to stop being nice and just be myself. Sorry if I'm not as nice as the old Umm Salihah, I still love you both loads.

Sorry for talking BS, that’s something I still am good at, I hope as I get older my big gob connects to my little brain, but I soooo doubt its gonna happen.

Apologies if I have lapsed into nonsense in this post, Fem, Sheebs, you both just bring it out in me.

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