Tuesday 8 January 2008

Hey Little Sis.

Had some lovely news yesterday. My youngest sister invited some friends to my recent Eid party and amongst them was one who I found particularly sweet and good-natured. Yesterday kooky-little sis informed me that she had taken shahadah (alhamdulillah!!), I was over the moon to know this. K-L sis was right, if I had known then I would have hugged you and not let go. I hope Allah blesses you with every good thing and showers you with his Rahmah. I know as a Muslim that Allah tests those of us he loves most, I hope he makes your test easy, please always remember that after every difficulty there is the guarantee of ease.

Also a small lesson, if you don’t mind, that I have picked up from other new Muslims. Please don’t judge your new family by its behaviour. Every family has its black sheep, hotheads, thoughtless members and those who lack proper knowledge. Please judge us by the message we follow, which I think we can agree is impeccable.



  1. As Salaamu Alaikum Sis:

    That is wonderful news when you learn that someone has said Shahadah, Alhamdulillah.

  2. Walaikam-assalam sis,

    absolutely. I'm so proud of this sister. For those of us who are born into this faith, the path is made so easy. This sister will have to deal with a family and community who are very hostile to one of their own becoming Muslim.

    I know a number of sisters from her faith who had to either deal with losing their family (sometimes only for a while) or having to hide from furious family. I pray that Allah makes it easy for her.