Wednesday 19 December 2007


Sorry no post for a while, have been uber-busy sorting out family feuds for the in-laws (why can’t Pakistani’s have a wedding without a fight? – is it just part of the fun?), meeting brother’s wife-to-be inshallah (what a doll of a potential sis-in-law!), making a few Eid cards, getting the kids Eid clothes (mostly courtesy of my mum and last Eids gifts of clothing) and oh yeah - finding my way around my new job.

Alhamdulillah, I am working in the Mayors office and with the Councillors and I am finding it very interesting. Its work that serves the community I was born in and there’s lots of scope for me to grow and offer ideas. It helps that the people are very nice. I am alsoind of pleased that it’s an office full of women (10 out of 11) as I feel more comfortable around them and don’t have to feel self-conscious all of the time. Also where there are women, there is food - regardless of how many are on a diet. After the Mayor’s and Councillor’s social and community events, someone will rush out to the Main Halls (opposite and above us) and bring back trays of left-over food (fruit, cheese, choc éclairs, samosas, spring rolls…) they also like to bring in food to share, which is something I liked to do at my previous job and creates a lot of good will.

They have been kind enough to book a room at lunchtimes for me to pray and even asked the department who are arranging a move into a new building in the New Year to include a prayer-room as a permanent fixture. They were a bit embarrassed at first not to have anywhere already and I was a bit embarrassed at first about causing my new employers fuss, but now I’m thinking if they have a room, whoever prays in it I might get some of the reward inshallah.


  1. As Salaamu Alaikum Sis:

    Alhamdulillah! There you are! Thought the new job swallowed you up!

    That's wonderful about the prayer room. Insha Allah you will receive lots of rewards for that.

    10 out of 11 employees are women ... let me guess: the one man is the supervisor? :)

    Eid Mubarak dear

  2. Assalam-alaikam wonderful sis,

    Eidan Saeedan to you too. With the Eid prep, cooking, visiting and peace-keeping duties, I haven't had a chance to get near my computer.
    Hope your other half is better (this hajj-flu - sorry to give it that name - is very tenacious, when I was there two years ago I lost my voice for a week, I think that was Allah hinting at me to give my big gob a rest)
    No the managers are all women, the guy is new like me and looks terrified!! Although when I stopped by this office's HR I noticed the staff were nearly all black or Asian women, the one guy was English and the manager.