Sunday 2 December 2007

Goodbye, Hello

Start new job tomorrow. It wouldn’t be the first time in a new office, so wonder why I am a bit stressed out. My previous job was my first after I graduated and although I did want to further my studies, at the time I felt it was time to work. I ended up staying seven years in various offices of the same organization. It has seen me through my application for my husband to join me here, two house moves, three children (along with three stints of maternity leave and starting work all over again) and two promotions (and the accompany back-stabbing, inflated self-importance and terror that you’ll be outed as a complete fraud - astaghfirullah).

So it was with sadness that I went in for my last day at work. Seven years worth of work, e-mails and junk to delete off my computer and a desk-load of “stuff” that just happened to accumulate and that took me three days to cart home on the tube. This accompanied by loads of wink-wink back-slapping about “you must be so happy to be leaving” and “you’re so lucky to be getting out of here” (maybe these people don’t get paid for coming to work or something?).

Had a lovely send-off though. Received a lovely silver bracelet and a box of my fave Body-Shop body-butters. The team also moved their team-building event to my leaving day, so we all had free pizza for lunch! Felt sad to be leaving them all.

So tomorrow I have to dress to make a good impression (I think chocolate and beige is nice and safe for the first day), find ways to avoid shaking hands, try and find out if there is a place to pray and see if I can get two days off for Eid inshallah. Remember me in your dua’s please. May Allah be pleased with you all.


  1. As Salaamu Alaikum Sis:

    How did the first day go?!

    Friday, 11/31, was my retirement day after 9 years with the Department of Corrections. They are having a retirement dinner for me on 12/14.

    Ah .. more time to write and to make jewelry!

    This Friday, I will return to the prison, Insha Allah, for my first day as their Muslim chaplain.

    Alhamdulillah ... one door closes, another opens.

  2. Salaam sis,
    First day went well. Thank you for remembering me, will write more when I get a mo, but suffice to say the people are very nice and the work is interesting.

    The retirement dinner sounds lovely, hope you enjoy. Look forward to reading more of your writing.

    Good luck with your first day inshallah.