Friday 16 November 2007

Ooooh, Milton Keynes

Back at work after a week off. This involved trying to undertake the glamorous task of potty-training Little Man (half-way there), planning an impromptu weekend for me and hubby to Brussels (couldn’t get tickets) and visiting Milton Keynes instead (who needs Eurostar when you can have a kip down the M1!). Had a lovely lunch with friends in Milton Keynes though - although Little Man broke a china model dog and Little Lady shoved Little Man during the meal and he landed feet-first into the lamb curry. Was just relieved Gorgeous slept through most of the day.
Was nice dropping Little Lady to school despite the early morning protestations about not wanting to go and it was good to give mum-in-law a bit of a break as I feel guilty about how much she does for us. Also felt good to put my garden in order and bring in my potato harvest (one whole basket-full - there might be more down there, but I got tired of digging. Will have to try and get better half to have a go).
Have finally given my notice in at work so three weeks to go, will just have to keep marching around the office with bits of paper looking important till the end of the month.

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  1. Salaam Alaikum,

    I came to your blog via Umar Lee's, masha Allah it's a really good read.

    P.S You're terrible Muriel!