Sunday 25 November 2007

Happy Mama Blues

Haven’t written in a little while due to not being my happy self for a few days. Have been in a bit of a funk due to a mix of nasty cold virus, kids having colds, mother-in-law being out of action (she has Hep C and some days it catches up with her), an annoying person at work pestering me, nerves at starting a new job in a weeks time and just general, no-reason irritableness. Get a bit scared when I feel like this as it reminds me of when I had a rather nasty dose of the baby blues after Gorgeous was born and couldn’t see any way out of it.

So decided today to try and find a way to feel better. Started off by finding something decent to wear (bright red with hole near the hem where the iron took off a bit, but the embroidery hides it) and sorting my hair – instant fix. What also helped was learning a line of a surah. My father helped me memorise the last ten surah’s of the Quran when I was a child. As a teenager I was neglectful and forgot some of them so I am trying to remember them again. The other thing that helped (perhaps the most), was finding something to do. I cleaned, washed and tidied and now feel miles better. Looks like hard work is good for the soul. Writing this has helped me to feel upbeat too.
Will write something interesting tomorrow, maybe about Islam Channels GPU Show (if hubby takes me). In the meantime am off to wash dishes and cook. Smile everyone. Alhamdulillah.


  1. As someone once told me..."Allah loves the people who turn to him and trust in him and always rewards their sabr"

  2. JK for your comment,
    isn't that the truth.
    Remember me in your dua's please