Thursday 6 September 2007

Little Lady's First Day at School

Little Lady's First Day at School
Have day off work today as Little Lady's first day at infant school, looked so little to be wearing a school uniform. She wasn't very pleased about the early morning but brightened considerably when she saw her new teacher who is absolutely lovely. Felt so sad to leave her, but must have been so much harder for the stay-at-home mums and all the children who haven't been to nursery before. Its like breaking a peice of your heart off and leaving it somewhere else whilst the part thats left inside you aches away (sorry to be so melodramataic, but thats how it feels to me).
Anyway gave me time to go through all the stuff have been accumulating all year for Ramadan and Eid. Going to make my Ramadan gift baskets over the weekend so will try to add pics when done. Split the stuff by who will get it (girls, boys and little kids - in our family we only tend to give to those younger than us, I'm the oldest of my siblings and and all my cousins so maybe that tradition needs to be reconsidered!) and stashed it round the house where hopefully little lady will leave alone. Rest of the bitty stuff I have stored in two bags - one for ladies party favors and one for kids party bags. These will be for my after Eid party. Also went through my kids toys and pulled out Macdonald's happy meal toys, key-rings, badges and allsorts of other things for the kids party bags (waste of money to buy these ready made)I know it seems kind of shallow to be thinking of Eid before Ramadan has started, but thefeason I do this is so that firstly I can put it all away and forget about it till right near Eid. Secondly I remember growing up thinking how great Christmas looked but not being able to join in. My father was a strong traditional Muslim, alhumdulillah, so no tree, no presents, no joining in the school nativity play (lots of good films on telly and lots of cheap chocs after Christmas, so not all bad). I can see why he did this now, but I want something for my children thats as much fun for them. So over the last few years I have made a tradition of giving gifts rather than straight cash, having a big party after Eid for all the ladies to meet up and bring their kids, getting everyone excited in the run-up to Ramadan and generally harrassing everyone into joing in and meeting up. I try to keep the cost down as much as London is sooo expensive and also I know that Allah does not love wastefulness. I buy lots of the stuff at 75% off and pound-shops through the year and stash it and I make my own gift baskets, gift boxes and cards.
Anyway time to go get Little Lady and see how her first morning went.

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