Monday 11 April 2022

Ramadan Treats

 One of the things I love in Ramadan is sending iftar to neighbours, family and friends and people sending back treats my way. I like that we just make a little extra and send it out and Allah (SWT) blesses it and it is enough for quite a few others.


Over the last 10 days, I have been sent pakora’s, potato samosa’s, mince samosa’s, two lots of biryani, a Bengali platter (with rice, channa and sweet pua pitha), dhai bhallay and lots of dates.


Today we got a knock on the door and someone handed my son a bag telling us it was from a house number down the road:

I recognised it as the house of an elderly widow and realised she had sent her daughter in law to houses down the street. The bag contained dates and a little scented tea light.

I think this aunty has the right idea. You could slave over a three course meal, or send a single date with sincerity and the intention to please Allah (SWT) and the reward is the same – that of the fasting person who broke their fast with your food.


May Allah (SWT) accept this Aunty’s efforts and be pleased with her insha’Allah.

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