Wednesday 12 February 2020

Office Jewellery Making Club

A lady from my office posted on our work online notice board if anyone was interested in joining her to learn about jewellery making during our lunchtimes.  She was a big fan of jewellery making and it would be an excuse to get away from her desk at lunchtime.

As another fan of crafts and jewellery making and another person who works through lunch, eating at her desk, except to stop for prayers, I decided to join her.

We met with a few others and got talking and sharing ideas. Her work is amazing and we enjoyed looking at the examples she brought in:

So the following week, I took in some of my beads and asked her to show me some techniques:

I had these very pretty square blue beads and wasn’t sure how to make best use of them. The resident expert bead weaver showed me how to wrap wire to create different types of links and clasps. I made a few messy attempts, but now I’m very keen to practice and make a whole bracelet.

I shared the beads with another lady who wanted to try her hand, and she made these pretty earrings.

Now I’m looking forward to my weekly making and chatting lunches, it’s inspired me to play with my beads again insh'Allah.

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