Sunday 15 December 2019

Book Review: The Ninety Nine Names of Allah by Muhammad Iqbal Siddiqi

The Ninety Nine Names of Allah by Muhammad Iqbal Siddiqi is a book I have had for many years and have often picked up in times of need or worry. My version is covered in post-its flagging names I want to come back to or have found have helped me. Over the last few days, I have picked it up and found myself hooked on trying to benefit from the treasures in it.

The book is structured to give each of Allah’s (SWT) names in Arabic and English, give it’s meaning and where it is found in the Quran.  This is followed by a commentary on what the name means and what it tells us about Allah. Then finally, in most cases, it offers the benefits of doing dhikr of that name: e.g. repeating the name Al Quddus (The Holy) 100 times daily, frees the reciter from anxiety.

In the end, I listed all of the names, how to recite them and the benefits as an easy quick reference source (feel free to save the pictures below if these are useful). The ones I am focused on at the moment are around children and internal contentment and growth.

I feel like in the short time I have been using this book as a daily source, I have greatly benefited already (my son who won’t touch house work in recent years, hoovered the house and cleaned and unblocked the bathroom sink today, I’ll gladly have more of that).  Most of all I feel content and  also more sure of myself   (Ar Rehman – 100 times after each fard salah for good memory, keen awareness and freedom from a heavy heart).

Definitely a book worth keeping at home and referring back to.


  1. Jazakallah khair for your notes. Will definitely be using them in sha Allah.

  2. ASA sis where can I purchase the book in redbridge?