Friday 8 November 2019

Picture of the Day 08.11.19: Mum's Kitchen

I had a good old catch up with my mum today, sitting in her warm kitchen with the smells of lamb kebabs on the grill and chickpea curry warming up as she made chappati’s. We talked about Pakistan, caught up with family news, she had a little vent, I teased her about the things that were annoying her and then we had dinner together, filling and nourishing. The older kids were at home, the babies went to hang out with my sister and I sat with mum reading while she watched her serials.  Came home feeling peaceful.  May Allah SWT protect my parents, keep them happy and grant them a long life full of good health insh’Allah.


  1. You are blessed to have your parents this long. I'm glad you can enjoy them still.

    Also, beautiful kitchen!

    1. Hey Elizabeth, good to hear from you!
      Yes definitely feel blessed and grateful to have my parents in my life.
      Mum's kitchen is lovely, she's forever cleaning it.