Tuesday 13 August 2019

My Cousin's Wedding: The Walima

My cousin’s Walima was a nice, easy-going affair. It was much closer to home than the wedding and the stress of the wedding was over by this point. 

It was a case of coming home from work, getting dressed and turning up to the venue to hang out and eat.  I ignored the people who had been rude to me at the wedding and it made for a much more enjoyable evening, spent taking bad selfies with my other half and joking around with the kids.

The bride looked so pretty, you could see her dress sparkling away under the lights.

This is my older children’s response every time I try to take a picture

Loved Harlequin Sisters flowy pale mint dress, by one of my fave Pakistani designers Threads andMotifs from the fab Zardosi Shop.

My dress was from Shaadi Abaya’s in Green Street, I really enjoyed wearing it:

My mum bought all of the little girls their matching dresses, they looked so sweet, like rowdy pale blue little parakeets:

I really liked the ombre effect of Shutterbug Sisters dress:

Food was good of course:

I enjoyed making friends with the grooms family and look forward to seeing them again in future and I wish the bride and groom a lifetime of contentment and happiness insh’Allah.

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