Tuesday 19 December 2017

Product Review: Modestrove Mystery Box

I have always liked the idea of treats coming through the post, whether an unexpected gift or a subscription box (like the cosmetic ones that are popular right now).  So when Modestrove asked if I would like to try one of their Mystery Boxes, I jumped at the chance.

It all seems rather glamorous, something which I don't feel at all.  Having to do wudhu regularly limits how much make-up I can wear and spending time running from school, to work to kitchen means practical shoes and clothing for me.

I received the box through the post within a day or two and it came well packaged.

The Modestrove Mystery Boxes all come in this sturdy pink box with the Modestrove London logo.  Little Lady had asked if she can have it to keep her things in afterwards.

I liked the details, like the wrapping paper and the greeting card in the box.

The Mystery Boxes come in £10, £30, £60, £90 and £100 versions.  The website doesn't give any hint of what is in the mystery boxes, so I was super curious to find out what could be in them.  I received the £30 version to try and this was what was inside:

Three scarves in differing textures and colours.  The scarves were a nice quality and size, the smoky taupe coloured one in the middle is my favourite as it's quite a neutral colour and will go nicely with party outfits.  The scarves are not ones that are on the Modestrove website to the moment, so these seem unique to the boxes.

The Taherah soap (normally retails at £4) looks ordinary at first glance, but is described as containing vitamins A, C & E, clay, mineral salts such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, seaweed, palm oil and sandalwood.  I haven't tried it yet, but look forward to it.  Little Man is started to get his first spots (in time for turning into a teen next month), so I may let him try this one.  The sandalwood means that the smell is not overly feminine and quite fresh. 

I am a fan of matte stay-on lip glosses, so liked the addition of this.  This colour (the Miami Rose shade which is normally £12) looks like a slightly corally pink on first look and the swatch is consistent with this, but went on a very bright pink (more like a bubble gum pink).

It was a really nice treat getting a Mystery Box through the post.  The contents of the box were not necessarily items I would have bought myself, but I enjoyed receiving them.  Perhaps a good gift idea for those that like surprises, the girl who has everything or for the gift giver who can’t decide what to give.

You can check out the Modestrove Mystery Boxes here.

Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me for the purpose of testing it for review. The opinions expressed here are my own and from my own honest experience of using the product.

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