Sunday 22 January 2017

Bead Therapy: My New Pieces for January 2017

Earlier this month, I managed to make time to open my bead boxes and create something for myself.  I wanted some nice pieces to wear which co-ordinated with my abayah's and scarves.  The shops seem full of expensive, tacky jewellery which just didn't appeal at all and some of my older bracelets were lost or damaged.

I have a real thing for all of the ombre effect pieces I have been seeing everywhere the last year or two.  I love the harmony of colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel and the gradations between them.  The variation of shades also means that these pieces can go nicely with a number of outfits even if they don't match.  It was also a good way to use up beads that only have a few beads left in each colour.

This blue, grey and white bracelet had a mixture of turquoise and glass beads with a dangling blue bead as a focal point. 

This sun-shiney yellow, pink and purple bracelet is made from glass beads.  I put a focal point on both the top and bottom with the chunky bead and the dangling one.  It goes with so many of my scarves.

I have had these black square beads for ages and couldn't think how to use them to showcase them.  The grey beads were the last few I had and the long crystal shape at the bottom is from a pendant.  This bracelet is a good to wear with all those black abaya's and when I can't find anything else to match.  The chunky beads are also very tactile and smooth to wear.

I love blues and greens together and really like the beads in this, but I haven't finished it because I am not sure about the dark green bead at the bottom.  I am thinking about replacing it with the heart shaped bead or some other larger green bead.


These simple little bracelets were to showcase the clear square swarovski beads and because I have a few scarves in these colour but no jewellery to go with them.  They are quite small beads, so the knot is harder to hide, unlike with bigger beads where you can push the knot inside the hole of the nearest bead.  On the plus side, they are light so I don't have to worry about the weight of the beads stretching or snapping the threading elastic.

I am looking forward to having some new bracelets to wear with my outfits.  I am looking for some stronger elastic as the one I have snaps under pressure even after I have stretched it first.  If you have tried some and found it reliable, I would love to hear from you insh'Allah with your suggestion or recommendation.

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