Wednesday 24 August 2016

Dunstable Downs Kite Festival 2016

Last year we went to the Duntable Downs Kite Festival and loved it so much that this year we invited my family to join us there.

Dunstable Downs is designated a site of Special Scientific Interest because of its chalk grasslands and sits within the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  It has wide open spaces and the day we went along was very windy, so it seems near enough perfect to fly a kite.

We had the kite from last year and three more that my husband picked up at a boot fair for under £5 (a butterfly, a diamond shaped kite and fish).

These are some of the kites from the people who put on professional displays:

This was our butterfly kite which went up beautifully:

There was plenty to do alongside flying our kites: a small funfair for children, pony rides, a marquee full off craft stalls.  We even saw people hang-gliding in the distance.

We brought a picnic and between us put on a good lunch: bagels, biryani, chicken wraps, pizza, chickpea chaat (salad) and pakora's.

Midway through eating a gentleman came up to us and told us we definitely had the best picnic he had seen that day!  My sister-in-law asked if he would like something, but he politely declined saying he was on a diet.

We spent the rest of the afternoon flying kites, trying to spot interesting kites other poeple had brought and exploring the nearby greenery

Before we left we treated ourselves to a few bits from the stalls:

You can imagine what the boys picked:

It was such a pleasant day out and one that I would heartily reccommend.  The people at the event were very nice and we felt completely comfortable.  All the open space was so soothing and hubby and I even got the bright idea of taking a walk alone, although in the end mostof kids followed us anyway.

There was a visitor centre with toilets and a canteen as well a shop which sold kites, so the event was very family friendly.  If you would like to take your children, these events go on throughout the year at different sites, you can check if there is one near you on the Kite Calender or The Kite Society's Event Calender.

Some of the pics are courtesy of Shutterbug Sister, you can see lots more here.

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  1. We love Dunstable Downs! Shame I missed this, A. would love to watch all the kites - we definitely need to organise a picnic next time Hubby and I are both off from work :)