Tuesday 2 February 2016

Free E-Book - The Happy Muslimah's Bucket List Guide!

I love making lists
I love making plans
I love dreaming about all the places I would love to go and all of the things I would love to do.
So of course I love the idea of a bucket list.

I have a list of things that I wanted to do that I write in 2006, long before I knew what a bucket list was. It included things like Hajj, Umrah, writing a book, learning to drive, planting a tree with my children and visiting Istanbul. The funny thing is that when I wrote the list ten years ago, many of the things on my list seemed out of reach or impossible, but ten years later I can tick some of them off. There is a magic of some kind in writing things down, in taking your dreams and making them tangible by putting pen to paper.

I think having a specific, clear list of goals or aspirations concentrates the mind and helps us to identify opportunities when they come up or even actively pursue them.

I wanted sisters to set goals for themselves, but in a way that was fun and without putting limitations on themselves, I think the idea of a bucket list allows you to do that because after all they are just pipe dreams, there is no pressure to be realistic or include things only that have a chance of happening, but those that capture your imagination and make you smile.

Bucket lists abound across the internet, what is different about this one is that it lists those things that are halal for Muslims and specifically Muslim sisters. So I have omitted many of the items found on conventional bucket lists (music, dance, sex, alcohol etc. related) and replaced with destinations in Muslim countries as well as non-Muslim, spiritual practises and goals that exist in Islam and places like Masjids.

I had soooo much fun researching and writing this e-book. I now want to do everything on the list. It was an eye-opening reminder of how amazing Allah (SWT)’s creation is, the oceans, the mountains, the beautiful landscapes – they inspire awe and remind us of His greatness.

There is a worksheet at the end of the e-book which allows you to list your own bucket list items, as many as you like.

I hope you find this list inspiring and enjoyable to go through. Life is short, as Muslims we are aware that we are not even guaranteed the next minute of our lives, this should encourage us to make good intentions to make the best use of the limited time we do have. I hope this guide is merely a starting point and that your list is amazing. Most of all I pray that Allah (SWT) guides you to making excellent intentions and gives you the time, resources and opportunity to fulfil them all in the most beautiful ways, Ameen.

You can download the free e-book here or by clicking on the image above.

If you enjoy the e-book, find it useful or beneficial, please do leave your thoughts in the comments or e-mail me at the address on the right-hand side bar. If you have additional ideas to add, please leave them in the comments. I hope to update the e-book in a few months with another few hundred ideas and would love your input.


  1. Salam aleykoum dear sister,
    Baraka Allah ou fiki for sharing. I used your year and ramadan plannings to create my own, and I'll certainly find inspiration in your bucket list to write my own! :-)
    More generally speaking, your posts regularly inspired me, I love reading them, some really help me to organise myself. I juste gave birth to my second daughter, and I keep in mind some posts you wrote after the birth of Baby, it helps me to be more organised and less stressed.
    May Allah reward you for what you bring with your blog!

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