Wednesday 9 December 2015

Product Review: Halal Toiletries Range by Tamese and Jackson

I was recently sent some products to review by Tamese and Jackson, a British Company that has developed a range of halal toiletries free from alcohol, pork and other animal based ingredients.  In additon it is free from GMO's (genetically modified organisms), parabens and does not test on animals.

The website outlines what halal means, but I liked that the brand also suggests why halal may be of wider benefit than only Muslims:

Halal however is not exclusively for Muslims. Halal refers to goods or services permissible under Islamic law but which are designed for health, safety and benefit to all regardless of age, religion or culture.

The three products I was sent to review were:

The shampoo from the Lime and Reyhan range
The handwash from the Blue Orchid range
The body lotion from the Mint Noire range.
The first thing I noticed about the products was the pleasing designs on the bottles.  I love anything inspired by Islamic prints and patterns, so this immediately caught my eye.  I also like simple apothecary style packaging and this reminded me a little of that.

I have tried so many products over the years for my hair and found very litle that works for my hair, whih gets very dried out.  Because of this I tend to stick to the few things which do help me to manage it and keep it from going too frizzy.

The scent of the shampoo was a nice balance of lime and ginger, giving it a refreshing smell.

On trying the shampoo, I found that it dried my hair a little, which is common for most shampoo's I have tried.  Because of this I didn't feel that this was the right shampoo for me.  My daughter tried that shampoo and wasn't as keen on the smell (it's quite grown up), but found the shampoo suited her hair which tends to be slightly greasier, leaving it feeling silky and not dry.

The hand wash I was given to try is from the blue orchid with papaya extract range.  The first thing I noticed about the hand wash was it's smell.  Of the three products, it immediately drew me in with its feminine and slightly sweet smell, I really loved the fragrance.

On use, the hand wash lathered up nicely and a small amount was enough.  I didn't find it drying, which is important considering the amount of hand washing I do with nappies, trips to the toilet with my three-year old, making wudhu and who knows what else.  Of the three products this was my favourite and the one I would most likely buy and use.

The body lotion I tried was from the Mint Noire range.  The scent of this is very grown up and slightly masculine.  I wasn't sure on first appplication how I felt about it.  

The dispensing nozzle on the top gave me the exact amount I wanted (I needed a small squirt only) and the cream was rich in texture.  It took a few seconds of massaging in to get the cream to sink in, but left my skin feeling comfortable and was not greasy.

The thing that surprised me was the smell.  After a little while the spicy and invigorating fragrance really grew on me and felt quite refreshing.  

It's great to see products that cater for halal requirements, so this is something that I would definitely support, but I would only buy the products if they did the job for me and I was quite happy with these.

Tamese and Jackson's products are available at Tesco (online here) and through their website here.  You can aso find out more through their Facebook site here.


  1. Salam. Have you tried "no poo"? It can be great for people who find their hair dries out from shampoo. Plus saves loads of time!

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