Wednesday 16 September 2015

Comfort on a Rainy Day

It was one of those days today...

...when it rained all day.
When I started to feel the cold and could tell autumn was here.
When there were major traffic jams on my commute.
when I spent all day in meetings trying to hold my tongue.
When I left work later than expected and missed my lift home.
When I took the train home and got home in 45 minutes instead of 15
When the kids have all suddenly caught nasty colds leaving them with sore throats and headaches.

It's on days like these that I am truly grateful to get home, to get through the door, get my damp clothes off and sit down quietly for a minute.
It's on days like this that I am grateful for cardigans and big blankets, and big sisters cuddling their baby sisters.
I think we have a lot of these days to come and we'll soon be used to them (or maybe we'll spend months yearning for summer to come by again), but today I decided to have an easy evening with the children, get take-away comfort food and let them watch cartoons wrapped in their blankets.

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