Saturday 15 August 2015

Pakistani Independence Day 2015

No matter how bad things get in Pakistan or what people have to contend with, come the 14th August, everyone is in great spirits and celebrating with enthusiasm.

Where I live in East London, my neighbourhood goes crazy and all of the Pakistani's come out.  It's 1am here and the drummers and the sports cars making a racket have only just stopped.

My husband is from Pakistan and never fails to get into the spirit of things.  He hung a massive flag outside our house, this is the view from the inside:

As it was Jummah, I put both of the babies in pretty floral dresses.  They were soon exchanged for the dress below which my mum-in-law brought back Pakistan

During the last few years, hubby has been selling flags an toys during the Independence Day celebrations, this year was no different.  Last year Little Lady made green  and white loom bands to sell on her dads stall and sold lots.  This year she upgraded to pretty, sparkly bead bracelets.  She emptied her art case and lined with tissue paper to display her work.  Her dad sold quite a few mash'Allah.

Both of the boys spent the evening helping their dad on the stall and enjoying the atmosphere.

I didn't get to post this until a few hours too late and it's the start of the following day, but never too late for dua's.  I make dua that Pakistan prospers and that it's people are successful and happy.  May Allah (SWT) bless Pakistan and it's people with peace, safety and honour.  Ameen.


  1. What a lovely post. U guys sound like u had a ton of fun MA! I wish we celebrated Paki day like that. It came n went with errands n tasks galore, IA! next year.

    i think ill want to spend paki day in london seems more festive than the one in chicago.

  2. Umm Shareef17 August, 2015

    Ameen to your lovely dua.