Tuesday 24 March 2015

Reesh (A Happy Muslim Mama Sponsored Post)

  • Free international shipping on many products
  • Wide range of products including abaya's, kaftan's, scarves and bags with new items being added
  • Fantastic give-away with entries accepted worldwide.
Reesh is an online store based in Australia, selling stylish, high quality abaya’s kaftan’s and scarves in vibrant colours and rich fabrics in timeless designs.

Their kaftans are soft and flowy chiffon with silk body lining.  The embellishments include beads and sequins in a range of shades, not just silver and gold.

They currently offer free international shipping on their abayas and kaftans as well as discounted shipping on scarves.  All products are ready to ship, there are no pre-orders needed and no waiting period.

Reesh's scarves are maxi-hijab size providing plenty of coverage and flexibility for how you want to style them.

I'm particularly keen on their beautiful bags and clutches which are going on my wishlist.  All of the bags are hand-crafted with high quality embellishments to ensure durability

You can find their products at their website: http://www.reesh.com.au/
Their Facebook page is here and they are currently running a free kaftan giveaway with entries accepted worldwide.

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