Monday 9 February 2015

My Sartorial Wishlist

I have been taking a break from blogging for the last month in an attempt to simplify my life and create new routines as a mother of five that allow me to fulfil my most important responsibilities, stay sane and hopefully sneak in some fun.

So in the spirit of fun, I want to ease back into blogging with some eye candy.  Most of what I wear at the moment is either mismatched or the wrong size.  As soon as I manage to find something nice to wear, it has to go back in the wash because "someone" has either thrown up on me, exploded their nappy and leaked on me or wipes dirty hands on me.

Thankfully, there is Pinterest, with it's wishlist board acting as my imaginary dream wardrobe:

I love long coats and jackets over an abaya - modest, warm and elegant I think.

Love this bag, it would probably end up full of nappies and bottles, but it would still look so good.

I think this has to be my dream bag - I have a thing about green, have loved almost every shade of it since I was a kid, and the size -the sheer amount of tissues, wipes, bitten lip balms, pens and junk I could cram into it.

I have a thing for pomegranates - and the smoothness of those stones!

I have a jacket just like this one, love how it looked over my abaya, but suspect it might not fit any more when I go back to work.  Hankering after a dark red version.

(originally found here)

I can just imagine this tote with my journals, filofax and reading books and stationary, probably some chocolate sneaked in there too.  That green obsession showing again.

I doubt I could wear heels like this any more - but that colour...


  1. Love more or less all of these!!

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