Thursday 13 November 2014

Picture of the Day: 13.11.14 - Sweet Sisters

Some days my entire day revolves around my youngest two and I keep trying to find moments to get something else done apart from feed, change nappies and placate crying babies.  Today was one of these days and I just surrendered to it and decided to enjoy them.

I nursed throughout the day, played with them both and just enjoyed their baby talk ("No baby, why did you do that trouble my eye?" said Darling after being poked in the eye accidentally by Baby).

My husband came home with a big box of little girls toys from a house clearance and Darling immediately took control of the whole lot yelling "Mine!"  There was a little Doctor's kit that she used today to check the baby over with, including making sure her blood pressure was okay:

The afternoon was spent at the local clinic getting the baby's vaccinations done.  Poor Darling got the shock of her life when the baby got her injection and let out a screech.  Good job she has that big hat that Shutterbug Sister bought her last winter to hide in.


  1. Assalam Alaykoum warahmatullahi-wabarakatuhu
    Masha'Allah, they are so sweet playing around.
    Dear Sister, may I ask you a mostly practical question?
    I have a 15 months old baby boy and still nursing him. However, maybe this is one of the reasons I kind of failed to establish a good routine for us.
    Can you tell me how did you manage and work out routine with all of your kids when they were small? (And of course now with two little angels)
    My problem is, that my son still sleeps with me and waking up at night several times for nursing.He only can sleep this way and its really exhausting.
    In the day he does not want to sleep unless I constantly hold him in my soon as I put him down he is awake and cries. Seems like he could not sleep deeply at all.
    I was thinking about sleep-training him but that usually involves letti g him to cry which I think is better to avoid since he is just a baby needing his mother's love.
    Csn you please tell me how did you fo sleeptimes (including at night) and all daily routines?
    I would really appreciate as sometimes I feel ashamed telling others how our days are when my baby is almost a toddler.
    Thank you sister

    1. Salaam Farah,

      Don't you worry, it's completely normal for baby to need you at this age. They go through so many developments and this trust you build with baby will last forever and ever in-sha-Allah. My baby is about the same age and she too mostly sleeps with me. Just patiently preservere, baby will become more.independent and you'll miss these days. They will start by sleeping next to you for a while, then turning away from you but maybe touch you, and then increase duration of sleeping alone but close to you etc.

      Dont worry about other people's opinions, it's really mostly media mediated, in other societies people find it rather strange for a baby /toddler to sleep alone and not bf.

      Just keep up the good work and know youre not alone :).

      All the best, wa salaam alayki,

      Umm miriyam