Tuesday 4 October 2011

Gratitude Journal 04.10.11 - Unexpected Treats from the Garden

It's October, but the garden seems to think it's May.  The hot weather late in the year means that there are still vegetables growing outside, including our first few bell peppers, more of the courgettes that we have been cooking all year and even a strawberry has appeared.  The grapes have been out there so long that although the vine has turned brown, the grapes have started to turn sweet.


  1. Salaams Umm Salihah
    Ooh that looks lovely.
    I did hear about the heatwave there...it must be related to all the global warming weather changes we keep hearing about.

  2. Ohhh mashaAllah, everything looks delicious and gorgeous... i especially love the grape vine... mashaAllah i also love your blog... keep up the good work. xxx