Friday 18 February 2011

Jummah Mubarak and a Cold Start to Spring

We have been overdosing on fruit recently in an attempt to keep the kids eating habits healthy and control my own weight. It seems the years of eating too many burgers, chips and too much chocolate are starting to catch up and I am trying to cut down on my sugar intake to start with.

These luscious strawberries were gobbled up at an evening at my mum's (I have never seen anyone eat in the way I see Little Man gobble down strawberries)

I made these mini fruit kebabs whilst the kids were at madrassah. They absolutely loved them and polished off their dinner so that they would be allowed these.

The leftovers came in handy for a fruit salad for my husband. He enjoyed it, but asked me if it was for Valentines day which we don't celebrate. An emphatic NO! was the answer.

Two weeks of abstention backfired spectacularly with our midnight feast (at 9pm) and Long Suffering Sisters gift of halal chewies. Although I think we have as much fun laying it all out as eating it.

This morning was the kids parents consultation day - some positive feedback, some good advice, some surprises (my little bruiser, Gorgeous seems to be a whizz at his numbers) and some telling off as always (about Little Lady losing her homework, forgetting her glasses and needing to get her hair out of her face - guess who is getting a haircut tonight?).

We cheered ourselves up with a visit to the school library for their book sale. This lot cost £2, the one about China is a bit random, but Little Lady has a thing about China at the moment, so thought it was worth a look. The telephone book was Gorgeous's choice and he is very happy with his new book.

I have been waiting for the first daffodil of the season to come along with news of spring and cheer me up (despite the weather forecast for more snow this week). I saw one today in a front garden the top of my road and it made me smile. That was until I got to mum's today and found this sitting on her kitchen table:

Jummah Mubarak insh'Allah everyone. What small pleasures did you find today?


  1. so many little pleasures we had yesterday... one was going for salah al-jummah together which we havent done for awhile now. Then there was relaxation and pizza :D

  2. Salaams Dear

    I put strawberries in my garden last year. They spread like weeds. Can't wait to eat them this year Insha Allaah.

  3. Salaam! My small pleasure today was reading your blogs! Where was I all this time?! I've been catching up with a nice cup of coffee and a clean house. Heaven! I hope all is well? I have some books I'd like you to read...I just need to make my way to the post office InshaAllah!!!

  4. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sis Ammena,
    someone still sounds all loved up mash'Allah, makes me happy! Pizza makes me happy too actually...

    Sis Safiyyah,
    good luck with the strawberries, I planted some a few years back and the come back every year and just spread. My middle son watches the patch like a hawk and grabs every strawberry as soon as he sees a hit of red.

    Sis Umm Nassim!!
    coffee and a clean house sounds good right now (am weaning myself off the firts and dream baout the latter)ooh ooh ooh, books?! Does this mean swap time?

  5. Would love to have a swap again!!! How about a Happy Muslim Mama swap???

  6. ALLAH always gives HIS best to those who leave the choice with HIM.
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